STIEBEL ELTRON is an internationally operating Group and is among the global market and technology leaders in the fields of building services and renewable energies.

Since 1924, technical performance, quality, innovation, reliability and customer-oriented service have been defining factors in our success. Three national and four international production facilities, 26 sales organisations around the world, plus partners and agencies in 120 countries translate into a truly global presence for STIEBEL ELTRON. Turnover in 2019 was around €593 million net (preliminary figure), with approximately 50 percent coming from export.

In 1924 in Berlin the company founder Dr Theodor Stiebel started realising his vision of developing and manufacturing products with low energy consumption, greater safety and more comfort. This objective still applies to the company today.


Water Heaters

Compact instantaneous water heaters supply one draw-off point that consumes a moderate amount of water at a high temperature, for example in kitchens (sink).

  • Fully electronic compact instantaneous water heater with 4i technology
  • Maximum energy efficiency and accurate temperature delivery at all times thanks to fully electronic closed-loop control
  • Easy operation via a large, backlit multifunction display
  • Particularly energy efficient in ECO mode
  • High grade design
  • Two temperature memory keys
  • Permanently selectable temperature limit can be set to 43 °C, 50 °C or 55 °C

Water Filters

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Room Heating

Electric heaters offer considerable savings potential

Heating comfort is a good thing, but only if that heat is not wasted. Considering that you only spend a limited amount of time in the bathroom in the morning and evening, you don’t need to provide cosy warmth in there all day long. Unfortunately, in some central heating systems, heat can only be regulated in terms of time and area to a limited degree.

And this is where electric heaters come into their own. They can be sited practically anywhere, which means that they can provide heat exactly where required.


The WWK 300 electronic compact appliance is a fully wired DHW heat pump for DHW heating. In a new, attractive design, they have a cylinder capacity of 300 litres. These highly efficient heat pumps, with optimally insulated cylinder, achieve excellent output values. The finishing touch is provided by the new control unit with LCD, offering a high level of operating convenience. Information such as the currently available amount of mixed water at +40 °C can be called up at an instance. In heat pump only operation, water temperatures of up to 65 °C can be achieved.

The exact temperature required can be variably selected. These compact appliances are designed to supply several draw-off points. The high quality equipment level includes a maintenance-free impressed current anode and an emergency booster heater.